Brain Pulp TV has been freshly squeezed from the minds of Travis Walters, Steve McClelland, and Ed Ryzowski. The idea behind it is to create a channel and website that's dedicated to sharing various gaming world and / or geek culture content and videos with those of like minds.

While they have plans to expand, Brain Pulp's main focus currently centers around various types of gaming. Some of what they'll be focusing on will include, though not limited to, Magic the Gathering, tabletop RPGs, video games for both PC and consoles (just remember, it's not a competition you two, and you're both very pretty despite the fact that one of you is vastly superior in every way...just kidding...or am I?!) as well as whatever odd (though hopefully not always vomit inducing) game Ed decides to subject Travis and Steve to on a weekly basis.

Brain Pulp's goal is to create a minimum of four to five videos per week (or more if and when they can manage it) featuring gameplay, reviews, openings, and whatever else they can come up with. All of which will done with the intention of entertaining and (though it will probably be by accident) informing those of you who have been kind enough to checkout the site and / or channel.

The Brains Behind the Pulp

Travis Walters

My Geek-pedigree goes all the way back to my childhood, which was dominated by Star Wars and Transformers. It came as no surprise that as I entered my teen years I was instantly drawn to role-playing games; Shadowrun, BattleTech and countless others. What was a surprise was how long it took me to hop on the “Magic” bus. I began to notice everyone around me playing this game at lunchtime in school, but it wasn’t until I entered university that I got my hands on a simple starter deck and began playing myself. This foray into the Magic the Gathering universe was short lived as those around me began to lose interest in the game, and, well, I began the drinking and partying that would dominate my 20’s.

Flash forward to when my drinking was a little more in control. I would hang out with my “buddies” whenever we could. I would always push Ed to bring his copy of “Zombicide” over to my basement where the goal was to play as we caught up on the “haps”. This more often than not would result in lots of talk and no games. I felt it was unfair to always dump the duties of setting a game up on any one man, so I thought, "Was there a better way to get our geek on?"

The answer was right there in front of us. MTG! The role playing game without a GM that wouldn’t take hours to set up, and no one man was responsible for knowing all the rules. Quickly we all became addicted to the game. And so the chance to combine my love of video editing, and gaming in one spare-time consuming monster was inevitable.

Steve McClelland

Hello Everybody,

My name is Steve, and I hope you are well...  

After two decades of RPG's, conventions, endless books, movies, and general nerding around, I felt somewhat comfortable saying yes when Ed and Travis asked me to be a founding member of Brain Pulp TV [NOTE: I personally remember this differently in that I'm pretty sure Steve was always part of initial planning of Brain Pulp, and not simply invited to be a founding member, so I don't think he's giving himself enough credit here -Ed]  The Idea is to convey as much knowledge and insight regarding all things fun and nerdy that we can, whilst keeping in mind one fundamental commonality.  A budget.  Sadly, it seems as though time, money, and space all factor into exactly how nerdy we can be.  Trust me, with two kids, two jobs and a heart condition I completely understand the need for...moderation.

I'll be contributing whatever time I can to our group projects. This will largely revolve around Magic: the Gathering, but I am also looking forward to my solo contribution, "The Modern Game Master".  I can't wait to explore new games and share as many universal tips and tricks that I can think of. 

The easiest way for you to get in touch with me is through Twitter @primecritic

Catch you later, and always remember... Never deal with a Dragon.

Ed Ryzowski

BPAvatar E.jpg

Born, raised, and still living in Winnipeg, Manitoba (though to be honest, with each passing frigidly cold winter he finds it harder and harder to understand why), Ed works full-time as a freelance artist. While he still does find time to do some cartooning, his main focus for the last few years has been that of a colorist for various publishers. Currently he works on Looking For Group, Captain Ultimate, NPC, and has just fished a four issue run of a series he co-created, Season of the S.H.A.R.K.

Ed is constantly working to try and expand his skills and horizons in other creative areas (including caricature work, game design, and pole dancing), while at the same time trying not to further his ever expanding belt size, which can be an unfortunate by-product of sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day.

So, in the spirit of trying new things, Ed teamed up with his friends Travis and Steve to create Brain Pulp TV. An outlet that allowed him to combine some of his favorite things, like gaming, YouTube and avoiding reality, into one crazy, fun joint venture.

You can get in touch with Ed on twitter @geektragedy

or by emailing him at: ed AT geektragedy DOT com